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John Holmes
"John was a hell of a player. A good organiser, a good footballer and he got on with it. Whenever I faced him I knew I had a game on my hands."

-- Roger Millward OBE
"John Holmes was an absolute rugby league genius"

- Alex Murphy OBE
Leeds & Great Britain
Playing Record
Boys Of '77
Headingley Hero
Match Of My Life
The Modest Maestro
"Quite simply the greatest player ever to play for Leeds"
- Harry Jepson OBE
John Holmes was arguably the most loyal player that ever pulled on the blue and amber jersey of Leeds Rugby League Football Club. His sharp footballing brain and dazzling ball-handling skills put him amongst the all-time greats at Headingley.

The aim of this site is to cover John's long and illustrious career through comprehensively detailing each game he played in for Leeds, Yorkshire, England and Great Britain. At the same time creating a collection of articles, interviews, reviews, photographs and remembrances that serve to not only honour John; but shall accumulate to provide a montage of reference materials that relate the story of rugby league from the late 1960s through to the late 80s.

As you browse, season by season, you will notice with certain matches the teams are underlined. Clicking here will lead you to another page where you will find further information about that particular game. In time more and more of the matches shall be available in this way. Likewise there are many more interviews to come and testimonies to collect and these will be added regularly.

Enjoy what's here, appreciate the work still to do, help if you can and come back and visit often for the site will never stop growing and improving.
Can You Help?
I shall endeavour at every opportunity to credit my sources for material on this site. Sometimes this may be impossible; if you can claim ownership of any such material please contact me and I shall rectify it immediately, or remove said material if you so wish. This is a non-profit making website not officially connected to Leeds Rugby. From the many who knew and had met John, he was by all accounts a shy and modest man. So I would like to stress this site had no direct connection with him also. It is simply a thank you for the many years of pleasure John Holmes gave through his rugby skills. By a devotee, for others of a similar disposition!
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